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What are Montessori Toys?


A Montessori toy promotes learning by encouraging children to experiment. Montessori prefers toys made of natural materials such as wood, metal, cotton, and glass. These materials, unlike plastic, foster a connection to nature and the actual world, while the various textures provide a sensory experience and encourage investigation. It should be a toy that they can hold and control, as learning to manipulate objects is critical in helping youngsters develop fine motor skills.

"Maria Montessori" was an Italian physician, educator, and innovator known for her teaching technique based on how children naturally learn.

Which company is the best?

Various Montessori toy companies are famous worldwide, but Oliver & Company Wooden Toys (olivermontessori.com) is the best. Each company has its own pros and cons, but people rely on the best quality toys & the company meets all the requirements of the people they want to see in toys for their child.

Oliver & Company Wooden Toys: Their benefits & age wise description

Oliver & Company Wooden Toys is well-known for its high-quality, handcrafted wooden toys. From classic wooden blocks and puzzles to one-of-a-kind wooden figures are ideal for developing children's imaginative play and inventiveness. There is a vast diversity of educational wooden toys that differ in shape & color.

It has different Montessori toys based on their age group like:

  • Montessori Toys 0-1 year
  • Montessori Toys 2-3 year
  • Montessori Toys 4+ year
  • Montessori Toys Teens ages 14+

Montessori Toys 0-1 year

Executing the Montessori Method for newborns may appear hard and overwhelming because infancy is really the best time to introduce the Montessori Method into your home and parenting for the first time.

You can buy wooden toys for newborn babies from the link given below.


wooden rattle sets for baby

These toys are also often safer for younger children who may be more eager to "taste" their toys. Toys cannot move or produce sound children must control them.


Montessori Toys 2-3 year

According to Montessori, a child's active exploration of his environment naturally leads to growth. The child is encouraged to explore them more actively rather than being passively captivated by loud noises and flashing lights.

Montessori Geometric Pegboard Puzzle with card link is here https://olivermontessori.com/products/montessori-geometric-pegboard-puzzle-with-cards

 geometric peg board

Montessori Toys 4+ year

Children of all ages can develop a love of learning with the Montessori Method of education. They intend to target certain developmental stages and talents. Our product evaluation approach considers age-appropriateness, simplicity, function, realism, design, value, and toy safety.


The link to buy Montessori Wooden Tree, House & Mushroom sets is: https://olivermontessori.com/products/montessori-wooden-tree-house-and-mushroom-sets

Montessori wooden tree set


And the link of Montessori's children's natural wood Simulations Kitchen Sets is:


wooden kitchen simulation set

Montessori Toys Teens ages 14+

The superb wood and craftsmanship ensure the endurance of these puzzles, which include carefully cut parts. They can also use to decorate your office, coffee table, or home.


Oliver & Company Wooden Toys: Best quality toys

Oliver & Company Wooden Toys provides high-quality products to its clients. These consist of environmentally friendly materials. The material used in these products is good. We think it is crucial for the suppliers of the material we use to make our goods to be ethical and ecologically conscious. They value quality because they feel that high-quality toys and educational materials are critical to assisting children in reaching their full potential. They are devoted to supplying only the safest and finest quality items to our consumers since we understand how important quality is.


Montessori Toys encourage children to learn experimentally. They are safe to use because these toys consist of natural materials such as wood. There is a vast diversity in them depending on age. Children's interests vary according to age, so they classify according to the needs of each age group.

The Oliver & Company Montessori Toys are a good choice for the children to play. They are not only used for playing but to develop creativity in children and help to enhance their cognitive, language, and social skills. They also help to develop problem-solving abilities. The children playing with Montessori Toys are comparatively more intelligent than others.

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