Discover the Best High-Quality Wooden Montessori Toys by Oliver & Company

Discover the Best High-Quality Wooden Montessori Toys by Oliver & Company

Oliver & Company Montessori Toys top priority is to provide high-quality Montessori toys that encourage early childhood development, learning, and experimentation.

Stimulate your child's mind with our extensive range of wooden toys for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens.

Our curated range of wooden toys is why parents trust us to be their go-to destination for the best Montessori toys online.

We use the finest wood in the toys you'll find in our online store.

Not all wooden toys are equal, so discover the wood used in our range of wooden Montessori toys and why we chose them.

We stock toys made from softwoods including, pine, cedar, and basswood. And hardwoods such as, beech, birch, and rubberwood.

Which wood is best for making toys? How to pick out the correct wood for your child’s next toy?

Let’s get to the facts!

Beech Wood Montessori Toys

Beech Wood is incredibly durable, making it an ideal wood for baby and toddler toys, as it can withstand chewing, bashing, and the typical experimentation and heavy play of inquiring minds. Beech wood is non-toxic and naturally safe. So it is not harmful to babies. It's known for making baby toys, chopping boards, and worktops in the kitchen. It is widely used for making wooden toys. When you choose a toy made from hardwood, you choose a toy that’ll hold up to wear and tear — and last for generations. Our toy collections provide a variety of hardwoods, including beech, birch, and rubber wood.

Why We Stock Beech Wood Toys

We want our wooden toys to become a staple in your home or classroom, which is possible with our beech wood toys that constructed to last given and maintain their quality after years of play.

Basswood Montessori Toys

Basswood is a premium softwood that is naturally anti-bacterial, environmentally-friendly, and non-toxic wood. Basswood is light, soft, and low-density wood, which is widely used for carving and musical instruments (electric guitar bodies). Because it has exceptional workability properties. Many woodworkers love to use Basswood for simple and speedy production. Basswood is an odorless and finely grained wood, which has managed to find its place on the worldwide commercial market, where it is today. Our toy collections provide a variety of hardwoods, including beech, birch, and rubber wood.

Why We Stock Basswood Toys

This superior softwood is the best companion to stimulate learning and is ideal if you want fuss-free toys that activate and accelerate development in older kids.

Pine Wood Montessori Toys

An affordable softwood option. Pine wood is also an eco-friendly, organic wood. Softwood is less dense and works well for larger toys as you will find in our Premium Collection. Pine wood is most commonly used to make wooden toys as they are relatively simple to cut and shape. Varieties of pine wood are beautiful and diverse, its features include different colors, textures, and wood grains. Toys made from pine wood are resinous and have a notable attractive smell. It is a common wood in commercially used woods available. Our toy collections provide a variety of softwoods, including pine, cedar, and basswood.

Why We Stock Pine Wood Toys

Pine wood used in our collection of superior Montessori toys because it's an exceptional softwood option that is non-hazardous, especially for older kids.


Explore our range of world-class wooden toys for kids and find the toys that will excite your kids. They are especially beneficial for the senses and bring a touch of nature into your home. They encourage open-ended development-boosting play for your child. Take into consideration as, wooden toys may cost more than a plastic throw-away toy, but your child will always have fond memories of playing with them. Our toys are an investment in your child that is sound, safe, and money well spent.

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